Because your responsibilities are so varied, so is the list of tools you'll be using. Your apprenticeship training program will introduce you to the safe and proper use of hand tools, power-assisted tools, heavy equipment and industry-specific tools.

Hand Tools

In addition to the standard hand tools you'll find in most tool boxes, Journeymen Linemen will use a variety of hand tools specific to their job responsibilities. These include a tamper, block and tackle, fuse pullers, torque wrench, architect scale, knock out sets and adapter cables.

Power-Assisted Tools

  • Hand drills
  • Roto stripper
  • Gas-operated auger
  • Air hammer
  • Coring machine
  • Hydraulic bender
  • Electric screw gun
  • Fiber optic fusion splicer
  • Electric roto drill hammer
  • Air compressor

Heavy Equipment

  • Bucket truck
  • Crane
  • Trencher
  • Electric lift
  • Horizontal boring unit
  • Digger derrick
  • Dozer
  • Back hoe
  • Wire tugger

Hot Sticks Specialized tools for handling power lines

  • Switch stick
  • Universal gripall stick
  • Link stick
  • Auxiliary arm stick
  • Wire tongs
  • Lever lift
  • Gin pole


  • Voltmeter
  • Ampmeter
  • Wattmeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Optical power meter
  • Dynamometer
  • Rotation meter

Climbing Tools

  • Safety belt
  • Body belt
  • Climbers
  • Climbing boots