Do you have what it takes to be a substation technician?

Take this self-assessment to determine whether or not you have the right skill set needed for a successful and fulfilling career as a substation technician.

How physically fit are you?

The work of a substation technician is physically demanding.

Please rate your physical strength and stamina?


Will you mind working away from home?

As a substation technician you could be working on-the-road, away from home.

Please rate how comfortable you will be working and living on the road?

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How are your money management skills?

Because of the costs associated with the possibility of being on-the-road (meals, accommodations, etc.), successful substation technicians need solid financial management skills.

Please rate yourself as a responsible money manager?

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Are you a good student/learner?

A substation technician needs a solid understanding of basic math and electricity, which will require the successful completion of classroom training.

Please rate your study habits?

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Are you comfortable around electricity?

Please rate your comfort working around electicy?

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Are you a team player?

As a substation technician you’ll be working as a member of a crew.

Please rate your ability to work well with others in completing tasks?

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Do you like the outdoors?

Substation technicians work in tough and rugged outdoor environments throughout the year.

Please rate your tolerance for working in the cold of winter and the heat of the summer for extended periods of time?

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How trustworthy are you?

As a substation technician you’ll have access to the tools, equipment and other property of co-workers and employers.

Please rate your ability to be trusted and respectful of the property of others?

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Can you pass a drug test?

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Are you ready?

From our experience, successful substation technicians select this as a career path rather than simply coming to it from another job.

Please rate your understanding of the challenges and opportunities you will face as a
substation technician?

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Your total is: 39

41-50 You have what it takes to succeed as a substation technician. Apply today.

25-40Seems like you have the right qualifications. Our apprenticeship program should help you develop those skills and some new ones. Apply today.

Below 24 Chances are our apprenticeship program will be a very challenging and frustrating experience for you. You may want to pursue another career option.