A Spouse's Perspective

As Ruth Anderson will tell you, being the wife of an apprentice has its ups and downs. But in the end, things are looking up for her family.

What's the best thing about being married to an apprentice?

From the minute my husband joined the program, we started enjoying the steady income stream and excellent benefits, which included health insurance for the whole family. There's also a sense of security knowing that he will always be able to find work in his chosen field.

What's one thing you would change about the apprentice program?

The traveling. He's missed several family events because the work has taken him away from home. But I understand how important it is for him to get the experience on the road and learn how to manage on his own.

What would you tell others if their spouse is about to enter the profession?

Linework is not for everyone! Find out as much as you can before you enter it. Talk to other linemen and other spouses about their experience.

What is the best way to support a spouse who is working through the apprentice program?

Remember that your spouse is receiving a free education and it only takes a couple of years to get through the program. It's still better then paying for college and they will make great pay and enjoy outstanding benefits from the time they enter the program.

How has the career change been a positive move for your family?

It has given us the financial stability to purchase items we never thought we'd be able to afford, plus set money aside for a secure financial future.